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Certified Washing Machine Repair Companies Sorrento LA

How to Pick an Experienced Appliance Repair Company near Sorrento Louisiana

Sorrento LA Kitchen appliancesIn this economy many of us are looking for reliable appliance repair services instead of buying a new washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven or dishwasher.  But finding a qualified Sorrento LA appliance repairman or company can be a bit of a challenge.  When your ice cream is melting or all of your meats and dairy products are spoiling because your refrigerator freezer is on the fritz, time can be of the essence, perhaps even an emergency.   And with the high cost of buying a major large appliance these days, a new model can be outside the budget of many households.  So instead of enduring food spoilage or daily trips to the grocery store, as well as the inconvenience of not having a working fridge, a local appliance repair shop can be the best option for keeping your groceries in eating condition.  But how can you determine if the appliance technician that you are considering to hire can provide a high level of service?  Let’s look at some of the things you should check before making an appointment with an appliance repairman (or woman!).

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Appliance Repair Services Offered

Not all Sorrento LA appliance repair companies are “jack-of-all-trades” so to speak.  Some specialize in particular types of appliances, while others specialize in specific brands.  So before starting your due diligence before hiring, make sure your candidates cater to your type of appliance as well as the brand.  Some of the major appliances that repair services work on are:

  • Clothes Washers and Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Stoves and Ovens
  • Microwave Ovens

Some of the major brands include Maytag, General Electric, Frigidaire and Bosch.  Keep in mind that some appliances are handled by experts in a specific trade, such as air conditioners, which are serviced by HVAC technicians.

Appliance Repair Licensing and Certifications

Sorrento LA washer and dryerAppliances are complex and can be complicated to repair.  If you hire someone who really doesn’t have the expertise or experience to repair you refrigerator, they can cause more damage than they fix.  That is why it is extremely important to make sure that your prospective repairman is a highly trained and certified professional.  Most states do require licensing of repair companies and individual repairmen.  Check with Louisiana to see what the requirements are and then ask your repairman if he or she is in compliance.  Also, for some appliance repairs, special credentials or qualifications are required.  For example, with refrigerator repair, the refrigerants that keep food cold or frozen can be potentially dangerous, so special qualifications are required to handle them.  The EPA has different levels of certification for handling these materials, so be sure to check with your Sorrento LA appliance repair professional to make sure that he or she is EPA certified if handling refrigerants for your repair.

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Appliance Repair Experience

As a minimum requirement, licenses and certifications can tell us if an appliance repair company is qualified to be in business.  But are they experienced in repairing your type of appliance?  If a repair shop’s main focus is repairing vacuum cleaners or washer and dryers, do you really want them working on your high end convection oven?  And if they just opened their doors in Sorrento LA a couple of months ago, do they really have the experience needed to fix your front loading clothes washer?  Maybe they do, but unless they can demonstrate that they are experienced professionals, you may want to look elsewhere.  After all, a company that doesn’t provide good service and treat their customers with courtesy and respect won’t stand the test of time and be in business very long.  So look for longevity in an appliance repair business.

Check Insurance and Warranties

Sorrento LA woman loading dishwasherBefore making your final selection, ask to see proof of insurance for both liability and workers compensation.  The liability insurance will protect you against any damages that may occur.  The workers comp will protect the repair company’s employees should they be injured while on your property.  A reputable Sorrento LA appliance repair company will have their insurance and licenses in order and available for your review.  Also, ask about any warranties provided for their repair work.  This is also where it is important to work with a company that has been in business several years and has an excellent track record.  A new, not established company may be less likely to still be in business when warranty work is needed.

References and Reviews

As your final step in the due diligence process, ask the Sorrento LA appliance repair service for recent references from customers, preferably from those who have had the same type of appliance repaired.  Make sure that you contact them and find out if they are still satisfied.  Check with the Better Business Bureau and other online rating organizations, such as provided by Google and Yelp.  You can also contact your State Attorney General’s office and ask if any complaints have been filed or are outstanding against the business.  Taking advantage of local reviews and watchdog organizations can help steer you in the right direction before hiring a repairman.

Certified Washing Machine Repair Companies Sorrento Louisiana

stove burners in Sorrento LANow that you have checked that the Sorrento LA appliance repair company is properly licensed and certified, has been in business for an ample period of time, and has positive references from past clients, you can be confident that you are hiring the right appliance company.   You originally came to this website because you had an interest in Certified Washing Machine Repair Companies and wanted more information on the topic Licensed Refrigerator Repair Companies. Once you have found a professional that provides quality service, you will have a valuable resource the next time one of your major appliances should break down.  But perhaps the best benefit is that now you can avoid unnecessarily buying new major appliances because you have a professional, licensed, experienced and certified appliance repairman.

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